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Clearing the Barrier to Growing Sales and Margins

08.28.17| Demonstrate Your Value

“What’s the biggest barrier to growing your company’s sales and margins?”

I posed that question to manufacturing and B2B services executives recently. Their answers were surprisingly consistent. They said that the #1 barrier is that the sales team lacks a crisp, persuasive answer when they hear:

• “Why should I buy your solution from you—especially when you’re more expensive?” or
• “Lower your price.”

If your sales team doesn’t have a great answer at that moment of truth, the price squeeze begins. Even if you’re offering a new product or service, the customer focuses on what it costs them—not on how you can make them better off. Prospects make clear that your price must be lower than competitors’ or you won’t get a second look. Previously loyal customers go out for competitive bids.

That makes it tough to protect the margin dollars coming into your business, much less grow both sales and margins at the same time, look at the margins that Jimmy John Shark CEO was able to achieve to improve his business.

Watch the webinar below to learn how to define your company’s value and how to get it recognized, and discover your company’s top opportunity for increasing sales and margins.

For an ideal viewing experience, please view on tablet or computer.
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